Yoga at school

Yoga at school is the key that opens the child’s magical world, helping them to have a healthy body and a beautiful soul.

The world is moving and changing fastly everyday, getting more and more technologically advanced which sometimes means that we forget lots of great things in life.

Children often get up in a hurry, be ready and go to school, as a habit. After school lessons, they engage in some outdoor activities and come home with television, smartphone and homework.

Storytelling Yoga on Yoga Planet opens up a whole new world of connection and listening to voices from within. Each of the harmonious, relaxing movements helps all of us, including our children to escape the chaos and hustle of the world out there.

Yoga at schools will contribute to improving the quality of education. As a sport, it not only has a practical effect in improving physical health, emotional education, nourishing the soul but also supports psychotherapy for students better.

These lessons will help them relax after stressful classes, connect with friends, teachers and develop their own emotional system.

At higher levels of education such as high school, applying Yoga classes in school also helps children stabilize thinking during puberty, reduce psychological disorders and school violence at rebellious stages. It is Yoga, which will be an artful sport, opening up each of their traits and spreading human emotions and positive values ​​of life.

Family Yoga Class

Let all family members have a good time together at Yoga Planet!

As parents are the best companions on their child’s developmental journey, we actively encourage families to experience Yoga with their children through our unique books and flashcards, together with a variety of equipment and learning materials which parents can experience Yoga Planet at home. We also offer regular online classes/lectures for our Yoga community.

Everyday is full of pressure and anxiety. Although living together in one space, generation gaps and personal issues have gradually pulled each family member out of empathy and mutual understanding. Yoga for families will be the wire to heal the love and connection.

The time in Yoga family class will only have laughter and memories, no chaos, no worries, no technology equipment or any external impact. Yoga lessons and activities help family members understand and open their minds with others; annul generation gaps and learn to respect each other’s abilities.

Unitedly, your family will create lots of beautiful and impressive moments in our child’s journey. As you all know, home and love are the best things that we have in this life.

Build your own Yoga Studio

With the mission to spread the spirit of Yoga to life, Yoga Planet always strives to find out the Yoga ambassadors, who have dedicated themselves to the profession and aspires to own a Yoga Studio.

Each business will be an independent planet associated with Yoga Planet, as an ambassador to bring the story of Yoga closer to those who are interested. In addition, we create humanistic values about spiritual well-being and cognitive training, physical enhancement.

When you do not have experience in establishing Yoga facilities, you easily make mistakes in the direction of operation, space arrangement, facilities investment as well as the establishment procedures and finding quality instructors for your business. 

Let us be with you, starting from the first mandatory requirement when you want to build your own Yoga studio – completing a professional Yoga instructor training course.

Yoga at your school